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Project Profile

Industry: Water Waste Treatment

Plant: Louth Storm Water Tank – AWS

Description: Flood control system to store, storm waste water and then return, to the Treatment Works during, stabilised conditions.

Scope of Work

Design, manufacture, test, install and commission Motor Control Centre incorporating Form 4 Board and ASTA certified busbar system.

The MCC consists of multiple sections for mains Incoming, Control and Telemetry.

Services Distribution, Return Pump starters (2 off), Storm Pump starters (3 off), Blower starters (2 off), Booster pump starter and Mobile Generator Incomer section.

Located in the Control section are two Milltronics Hydro-ranger Ultrasonic level detectors, used for tank level indication and pump start/stop control.

Telemetry system transfers control and indication signals between main Treatment works and Storm Water works.

Major Components used:

  • Form 4 MCC Board
  • Incomer and generator 160A Switch-Fuses, interlocked with Castell Key System
  • Milltronics Hydro-ranger Ultrasonic level detection
  • Return Pump D.O.L. starters 5.9KW
  • Storm Pump Star/Delta starters 13.5KW


MCC is suitable for a safe area environment, sited in equipment room where ingress protection IP54 is required.

Design ambient temperature is based on typical U.K. variations with room ventilation fans and heaters installed to moderate extreme variations.