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Project Profile

Industry: Petrochemical – Offshore
Plant: Platform, Offshore Brazil
Description: Electrochlorination

Scope of Work

Design, manufacture and test of fully automated electrochlorination power and control system. Output power requirement is 1,920Amps D.C. delivered by a fully controlled Transformer/Rectifier. The control system consists of a P.L.C., HMI Graphics display and multiple D.C. Drives all networked via Profibus DP. The system enclosure was fabricated from 316 stainless steel with dimensions of 2100mm high x 4740mm wide x 1100mm deep and total weight of 4000Kg.

Major Components used:-

  • Power Transformer rated at 310KVA.
  • 8 DC Drive modules 350A.
  • Siemens PLC system type S7-300.
  • Door Mounted EXOR Epad 50 HMI Graphics display.
  • Seawater Cooler.


The control panel is designed for a safe area environment, located on an exposed package skid requiring ingress protection of IP56. Based on a design ambient of 37°C, the system is fitted with a seawater cooling system suitable to dissipate 14.1kW of internal heat losses.