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Project Profile

Industry:Petrochemical – Offshore

Plant: Western Libya Gas Platform

Description: B.F.C.C. Dosing Package, Hazardous Area – Zone 2.

Scope of Work

Design, manufacture and test fully automated Hypochlorite and Copper Adding Dosing control system. The system was to be installed in a Zone 2 Hazardous area, so a Purged and Pressurised enclosure was employed to house the control equipment. The system consisted of three small Transformer/Rectifiers controlled by a P.L.C. and associated signal conditioners etc. The Purge system comprises of a control unit, power isolation flameproof box and pressure relief valve fitted with a flame arrestor. Operator interfacing was via door mounted pushbuttons, lamps and meters.

Major Components used:

2 Power Transformers 1.8KVA & 800V
Allen Bradley PLC system, type Micrologix 1200.
2 DC Drive modules.
EEXDe Thermostatically controlled Anti-condensation Heater.
EEXDe Internal Fluorescent Light Fitting.
Door mounted pushbuttons, lamps and meters.




The control panel is designed for Hazardous area Zone 2, with ingress protection of IP56. Enclosure cooling is achieved by natural heat dissipation of enclosure surfaces, aided by internal air circulation fans.